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Door dit formulier te verzenden gaat u akkoord met de verwerking van uw gegevens door Vis & van Reydt Advocaten.

General terms and conditions

Vis & Van Reydt Advocaten is a partnership. All services are subject to the general terms and conditions. You can access these here.

Contract agreement and attorney fees

We provide all services on the basis of a contract agreement. We offer assistance on the basis of a retainer for pre-arranged hourly fees, for a set price or government sponsored legal aid. We offer tailor made solutions.

Our hourly rates vary from € 200,- and € 300,-, excluding VAT and 7% administrative charges, depending on the nature of the work and complexity of the case. Possible surcharges apply (urgency, night time work, weekend work). We send monthly invoices with specifications of our activities. We always work on the basis of a retainer, the amount of advance payment will be mutually agreed upon.

In certain cases we can agree on a set price for legal assistance in a case, of a certain stage of the case. This will also be mutually agreed upon.

If a client’s case ends in dismissal, acquittal or some other form of non-prosecution order, he might apply for remuneration of legal defense costs or damages incurred through detention. We also offer legal assistance in these proceedings.

In certain cases, for instance when a client is subject to detention or when his income / assets rate below a certain level, a client might apply for government sponsored legal aid. In these cases, Vis & Van Reydt Advocaten can opt to offer legal assistance on the basis of legal aid. A client might incur a deductible set by the ‘Raad voor Rechtsbijstand’, for which Vis & Van Reydt Advocaten will send an invoice. In case a client applies for legal assistance on the basis of legal aid, but is ultimately denied his request, Vis & Van Reydt Advocaten is considered to have provided legal assistance on paid basis.

It is important to note that the ‘Raad voor Rechtsbijstand’ can, in certain cases, recover the fees paid in legal aid from the client. For more information, please refer to Vis & Van Reydt Advocaten is not responsible for damages incurred.

Charlotte Opdam-Manderick

Charlotte Opdam-Manderick is legal secretary and office manager with Vis & Van Reydt Advocaten. After graduating General secondary education in Belgium, she moved to The Netherlands and graduated the Executive secretary/Secretariat studies programme.

After graduating, in 2005 Charlotte was employed at the firm she interned with. Since then she has put her teeth into the world of criminal legal practice through experience at several lawfirms. She joined Vis & Van Reydt Advocaten in January 2022.

Charlotte coordinates day to day office business, supports the lawyers practices and liaises with clients, the courts, the prosecution service and other agencies.


In certain cases, Vis & Van Reydt Advocaten offer internships to exceptional students, in the last stage of their bachelors track or in their masters track. We do require native Dutch speakers. For more information, please send an email to

Complaints procedure

Vis & Van Reydt Advocaten offers a complaint procedure, which you can download here.

Privacy statement

Vis & Van Reydt Advocaten has undersigned a privacy statement, which you can download here.